Big 5" dodecahedron geometric concrete planter

Big 5" dodecahedron geometric concrete planter


Huge, special, and unique dodecahedron concrete plant pot. This 5" height pot can fit almost all indoor plants and has a wide opening. This pot is a rare found!

  • More Details

    See the size comparison with the regular dodecahedron which we have in our shop in the last photos in the gallery.

    Dimension and the size is illustrated in the last photo in the gallery. Same details also available at the end of this description.

    Pictures show the gray color. This is light gray. Darker gray version is also available. White one is made of artisan white concrete and it has got a smooth surface and it is true luxury. Black color is painted with matte spray.

  • Materials and Production

    • Line, holes and small cracks are natural in this product and happens during casting. This adds natural beauty and uniqueness to the pot. Color tone is not constant and pigmentation may occur in this product which is very natural for concrete based products.
    • There are felt pads at the bottom of the planter to protect the surface of your furniture against any damage
  • Dimensions

    (H x W): 5" (13 cm) x 6.2" (16 cm)
    Opening: 2.9" (7.5 cm)
    Opening Depth: 3.9" (10 cm)Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)

  • Plants Care Instructions

    Please see this link for instructions.

  • Notes

    • Plants in the photos are for decoration and are not part of the sold item.
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