Matte Black Sphere indoor pot

Matte Black Sphere indoor pot


Sphere indoor planter in matte black fits most medium to large sized houseplants. This pot has smooth surface and finished to perfection.

  • More Details

    • Matte black color is a new edition to our collection. It has got a very smooth surface and finished to perfection. It is very unique and sexy!
    • Decorative stand can be purchased with the pot. Stands can be seen in the 6th photo in the gallery for the black pot. This stand is for decorative purpose only and can be purchased for both colors.
    • ​​​​​​Holes on each concrete based product are inevitable and they are part of its nature and uniqueness.
    • There are felt pads at the bottom of the planter to protect the surface of your furniture against any damage.
  • Dimensions

    Metrics (cm): 13 (H) x 15 (Diameter Middle) x 7 (Diameter Entrance)
    Weight: 2.5 kg

  • Care Instructions

    • Don't wash planters
    • Over watering can kill plants. Water them as needed
    • Put plants in a bright places. Some sort of cactus needs direct sun light
    • See this page for plant care instructions
  • Notes

    • Plants in the photos are for decoration and are not part of the sold item.
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