Round concrete coaster set of 4

Round concrete coaster set of 4


Modern, Minimalist, and Functional!

Set of 4 round concrete coasters in gray, white, charcoal, and true black colors. This modern set is perfect for daily use or as a gift.

  • Details and Care Instructions

    • 4 coasters included in every purchase
    • Bottom of each coaster is covered with cork to protect surfaces against scratches
    • These coasters are lightly sealed to preserve the beauty of the concrete and also protect them against water stain. This will add to the coaster durability and also give them a beautiful shine specially in black color. Don't wash the coaster. They could be cleaned with dry or damp cloths if necessary
  • Dimensions

    • Diameter: 9.5 cm (3.75")
  • Color Options

    • High quality black concrete pigment is used in both charcoal and true black colors. They are not painted.
    1. Gray: Natural concrete color
    2. White: Artisan white concrete
    3. Charcoal: It is bright black
    4. True Black: Maximum black pigment capacity is used in this color
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