Swirled dodec succulent planters set of 3


Calgary Customers:

  • Read 'Buy this set with plants (Locals only)' below the page if you want this set with plant
  • Planted pots are available only for delivery and pickup for locals and cannot be shipped
  • Delivery and free pickup can be arranged for local customers. See checkout for more details



Set of 3 swirled dodecahedron concrete succulent planters. These geometric succulent pots are perfect for small to medium seized succulents and indoor plants.

This set is a LUXURY and perfect home decor or a gift to whom you love.



(H x W): 2.7" x 2.7" (6.85 cm x 6.85 cm)
Weight: 0.66 lb (300 gr)


*Plants in the photos are for decoration and are not part of the sold item.

Drainage Hole
Planted? (Locals only)
  • Care Instructions

    Please see this link for instructions.

  • Buy this set with plants (Locals only)

    1. If you live in Calgary, you have an option to buy 3 plants with this set and have this set potted and ready for you. You can visit our living plant collection and add 3 plants to the cart. Plants should be in small to medium sized and preferably not echeveria which is not a best fit for this set
    2. You have another option letting us to pick 3 plants for you and make the set ready for you. You can select this one in options directly
  • Materials and Production

    • All pots were painted first with water-based acrylic paints and then swirled with enamel paints similar to the pattern
    • Holes on each concrete based product are inevitable and they are part of its nature and uniqueness
    • There are felt pads at the bottom of the planter to protect the surface of your furniture against any damage
    • Pattern can be a little bit different with picture but colors stay the same

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