Turquoise coaster set of 4

Turquoise coaster set of 4


Hexagonal coasters set of 4 swirled in turquoise, violet, and black colors. This stylish and unique coaster set is made of concrete. This set fits well all sort of mugs and glasses and are extremely durable.

  • More Details

    The coaster is painted carefully in black as a base color and then swirled with turquoise and purple enamel paints.  
    Back of each coaster covered with cork to prevent scratching furniture and other surfaces.

  • Dimensions

    The approximate size is 4.3" (11 cm) from tip to tip or 3.75" (9.5 cm) from side to side.

  • Care Instructions

    This coaster set is water resistant and can be used with any type of mugs and glasses. The enamel surface won't wear off and can be cleaned by damp cloths.

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