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Succulents & Echeveria

  • Use appropriate succulent soil that drains well. Correct type of soil will allow water to drain. Succulents do not appreciate over-watering 

  • Place in a bright and sunny location specially in summer time. Half the day of direct or indirect sunlight is recommended in the summer. In winter less sunlight is preferable

  • Ideal temperature is between 20-27°C (70-80 °F) in the summer and 10-20°C (50-70 °F) in winter time

  • Water moderately, allowing the soil to become dry to touch between water applications

  • Water your plants every 7 to 10 days depending room temperature. In summer time water them more frequently

  • Do not let stand in excess water. Over-watering and letting the plant's root stands in the water for a longer period of time can kill the root

  • Using activated charcoal is recommended for ideal drainage 

  • fertilize moderately

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